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Whether you are seeking a true ranch barn or just a place to throw an incredible par ty, Saddleback Barn delivers. As if taken from a storybook, the barn has two large doors opening up to massive, vaulted ceilings with great natural light. There are four horse stalls along one side and a built-in horse shower along the other, along with a heated tack room, kitchen, bathroom with laundry and hay storage. The barn stalls open up to Another World Meadow with a shade structure at the end and ample space to graze, roam and run. Ready for the barn party? Wash it down and line the tables up with your best of friends and a great band. A short walk will provide a new place to roam in Daybreak Pasture with water stations. Both pastures are fully fenced. Next to the barn is a training riding arena to train the grandkids or a new pony. The lower level of the bard includes three large garages for toys and equipment.

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